Hang Your Swing

Hanging swings is probably the biggest obstacle people have with owning a swing. Watch this video, check out some of the products below. You can do it! If you have branches over 20 feet then consider hiring an arborist to come and work the magic for you. You will not regret soaring through the sky on one of our swings.

For Hanging from a Branch Use these Items from Amazon:
Rhino Strap Mate Tree Swing Straps
XTek O-Shaped Carabiners

For Hanging from a Deck, Patio or Dock Use these Items from Amazon:
Besthouse Permanent Swing Hanger
XTek O-Shaped Carabiners

*Southern Pine Swing Company disclaims all liability relating to the hanging of swings and to misuse of the product. Our swing tutorial video is solely to get across information. It is no way intended to replace professional advice.